Consultancy, research and other specialized business services
Consultancy, research and other specialiZed business services


The Consulting, Research, and Other Specialized Business Services industry encompasses a wide range of companies and professionals who provide specialized services to both individuals and business clients. These services include, but are not limited to, management consulting, legal advice, market research, technical consulting, environmental consulting, human resources, and communication. This sector plays a crucial role in the economy by providing expertise and insights that help businesses make strategic decisions, improve their performance, and tackle complex challenges.


Legal services, accounting, tax consultancy, administration


The industry of legal services, accountancy, tax advice and administration encompasses a wide range of professional services that aim to support businesses and individuals in legal, financial, and administrative matters. Legal services include, for example, law firms, notary offices, and legal advisors who assist clients in resolving disputes, drafting contracts, and advising on laws and regulations. Accountants, tax advisors, and administrators provide financial and administrative advice to businesses, including bookkeeping, tax filings, reporting, and audit services.

Holding companies (not financial)


Holdings are companies that aim to invest in other companies and own shares in them. This type of company often provides group services within the group, such as legal, financial, and administrative support. In addition, holdings provide management consulting to the companies in which they invest and manage their portfolio of business interests. Holdings are particularly popular in the private equity and venture capital industries and are often established by investment companies or family businesses looking to manage and diversify their own business interests.

Architects, engineers and technical design and consultancy; testing and analysis


The industry of architects, engineers and technical design and consulting encompasses a wide range of professionals involved in designing, planning and advising on construction and infrastructure projects. Architects are responsible for designing buildings and spaces, while engineers focus on the technical aspects of design, such as structural, mechanical and electrical systems. Technical designers provide support in the design process by creating technical drawings and specifications. Consulting professionals specialize in providing expert advice on various aspects of construction projects, such as regulations, budgeting and planning. Inspection and control are important aspects of this industry, as the safety and sustainability of construction and infrastructure projects depend on accurate inspections and regular checks.

Research and development


Research and development is an industry that focuses on conducting research and development in the field of science and technology to create new products, processes or services, or to improve existing ones. It includes a wide range of disciplines, such as biotechnology, information technology, engineering, natural sciences, and social sciences. This industry is typically driven by companies, governments, and academic institutions working together to develop and commercialize new ideas, with the aim of improving human condition and increasing prosperity.

Advertising and market research


The advertising and market research industry encompasses a wide range of activities aimed at understanding the market and creating effective advertising messages to promote products and services. This includes market research to analyze consumer behavior, competition analysis to understand how the company compares to others in the market, and creative designs to create attractive and convincing advertisements. This industry is constantly evolving due to the emergence of new technologies and increasing competition in the market.

Industrial design, photography, translation and other consultancy


The industry of industrial design and styling, photography, translation, and other consultancy encompasses a diverse group of creative professionals who engage in designing and styling products, systems, and services, capturing images, translating language, and providing advice and support in various fields. Industrial designers and stylists are responsible for designing and developing products that are functional and aesthetically appealing, while photographers are engaged in capturing visual stories and creating images for commercial and artistic purposes. Translators translate written and spoken language from and into different languages, thus providing the opportunity to facilitate communication between different cultures. Other consultants offer their expertise and experience in a wide range of disciplines, including management, finance, marketing, and technology.

Veterinary activities


Veterinary services involve the medical care and treatment of animals, ranging from pets such as dogs and cats to livestock and exotic animals. Veterinary service providers, such as veterinarians and animal clinics, offer services such as routine check-ups, vaccinations, surgical procedures, diagnostic tests, and treatment of diseases and disorders. The industry plays an important role in ensuring the health and well-being of animals, as well as protecting public health by preventing and treating diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans.